Family Update Wild Bill

Dexters face painting she did…..

Wild Bill is my shy, introverted, can sit with a tub of legos for hours on end kind of kid. She’s sweet and compassionate but lately has been rather testy!
She’s also my diabetic daughter and her sugars and A1C haven’t been that great 😦

She’s getting ready to have her 13th birthday next month….. Oh my, how did we get here?!?!?!? I remember just yesterday holding my little little baby. She’s always been super petite. And now she has a good inch in height over her momma.

She’s doing really well in school. Loves project work, the kind where she has to build or create something. She’s an excellent artist and LOVES to draw Manga, Zentangle, and animals. She must get her talent from her daddy cause i can’t draw a stick figure if you know what I mean! HA!



These are some of her latest building projects! She’s pretty good, even if she just has rocks, dirt, sticks, and some yarn!

She’s overall a great kid! Well, all my kids are, if you don’t mind me saying. (****WINK****)