Why we homeschool…… Well there’s many different reasons but I’ll start with the most important one. Are you ready??? God told me to! Yep, you read it right. I was on my knees many a times over whether to bring my kids home. You see, they were in public school. They had been in public school, other than the two oldest girls’ one year home in kindergarden and fourth grade. I’m not completely against public school. All of our extended family’s kids are in public school. I support whatever is best for the child, parent, and family and if that means public school then I respect that.
For me though, it was issue after issue with the school. Wild Bills school didn’t know enough, or understand enough maybe, about her diabetes thus creating a headache for me. Dexter was being bullied and to be frank, I HAD HAD ENOUGH! The Magic Bean was doing really well in school but was being pushed along without ever really learning the concepts. The princess was the only one that really was well rounded and doing well in school, but how do you take three kids out of school and leave one in? So after much prayer, research, and determination not to fail again I let them finish out their school year and began homeschooling in August of 2011. I have NEVER thus far, regretted bringing them home. We have learned a ton TOGETHER. Had a lot of fun TOGETHER. Been involved in much TOGETHER. We have learned to reconnect as a family and enjoy each other immensely! I’m so thankful that God blesses when we are obedient to him. He has done more with our homeschool than I could of asked for. I hope and pray for anyone reading this that God lead you and your family on the path He has already chosen for you. May you walk in the reward of obedience.



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