Heaven has a new angel

My heart is heavy and sad as tears stream down my face today. God called another little angel to heaven with him today. Mac, who has been fighting cancer for a year and a half or better, finally ended her suffering and pain today and went to be with the Lord.

Mac, who was 8 years old, and kind of an adopted grand-daughter to my momma, was a kind sweet, brave little girl. She fought hard to beat this cancer. She fought hard for her mommy and daddy. She fought till the very end. Her mommy and daddy should be so proud of the lives she’s touched and impacted over the course of her journey.

I can’t even begin to image what they are feeling, but I know my God does and my God is with them. He is wrapping his arms around them right now with peace and comfort that surpasses all understanding. He will lift them up and always be right there with them.

I ask you all to say a prayer for them. For everyone that is sad that she passed. For all the lives she touched I pray they continue to remember little Mac and all she was. She will always be missed but never forgot.

Rest in Jesus’ arms now Mac. YOU ARE FREE!!!




Showing the Love of Christ

So lately, I’ve been dealing with some spiritual warfare. The kind that brings you to your knees and has you begging for Gods mercy. The kind that’s so exhausting all you want to do is run into a hole and hide.

Then it hits me! Show the love of Christ. Show it to the man cussing you out at the gas station for parking at a gas pump instead of a space. Show it to the rude cashier at Walmart. Show it to the lonely girl sitting at the library. Show it to your kids when they’re driving you nuts and chaos is all around. Show it to your husband who needs you to show it to him.

The problem lies with the effort and energy it takes to do that. It is SO much easier to just roll your eyes, snarl you nose, and backlash at all the above situations. BUT, you don’t have to. Yet, many a days, many a times I do. Then I kick myself in the pants for being just what the enemy wants me to be. I’m working on it…..

We all have evil in us. What we do with that evil is up to us. We all have good within us as well. And that good can stomp out, beat down, and overcome any evil we have. The light always shines, even in the darkness.

So today, I’ll try my hardest, with the help of prayer and my savior, to shine in the darkness, wherever it may be, and show the love of Christ to those who need it. AND….. if I ifail, I’ll pick myself up and try again. Because in the end, it’s the effort that we make that makes a difference.


Make Dinner Easy

I’m writing today to share a little secret with you. Are you ready? I’m a one pot wonder kind of cook. I know probably not the best for the family as there isn’t much variety in a meal, but I have to. I have a large family. Six kiddos plus the hubs and myself, oh, and not to forget Bella-Boo, the little girl I keep at night, makes 9 of us eating dinner every night. I don’t have the time or the energy per say to slave over the stove cooking a meat, and two sides, plus salad, and dessert. I used to, don’t get me wrong, but lately, or the past few years my cooking passion has went to the dumps.

I’m reaching out to you my readers, friends, and family for some exciting new one pot dinner dishes that I could make to spice things up a bit. I used to love cooking but now it’s more of a chore than a hobby. It’s lets get dinner on the table before 7pm and be done. Maybe it’s the baby hanging on my leg. Or the lack of energy after schooling 5 children all day. I don’t know but I need help.

If you have a one pot dinner, casserole, crock pot meal you can share I’d truly be indebted to you. Please leave a comment and share share share! I promise my family will be grateful not to eat veggie soup for yet another night 🙂


Family Update : Dexter

So I thought since it’s been quite a while I’d do an update on the family for you. The only problem with this is that if I did a general family update with all that has happened, you’d be reading a book so…….. I figure I could do an update each day for each of the kids. We’ll start with the oldest, Dexter!


She just had her 16th birthday! Yes, we bought her a car! Totally out of the ordinary for us since we teach our kids they have to work for what they want in life, but she’s such a good girl, and was expecting to get a job, so this frees up me from running her around. She still has to wait until January to get her license, but it’s going to take her that long to get used to driving it since it’s a 5-speed.

Homeschooling High School : oh the choices

It’s that time of the year! All the shiny curriculum catalogs are showing up in your mailbox daily. They entice you to shop and buy the “latest and greatest” of products for your homeschoool. Unfortunately, if your like me and entering the upper grades, you have no clue what to buy!


I’m right there with you! Dexter is in the 9th grade. We have used Abeka this year but it’s been really hard for both of us to finish. It’s extremely dry with a ton of reading. Now, Dexter is a great reader. She reads books like it’s going out of style. 500+ page books mind you, so the reading isn’t so bad for her, it’s the content of the reading that she struggles with. I’ve determined that next year Abeka will not work.

There’s my dilemma folks. WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE?!?!?!?!?! I’ve spent countless hours researching curricula, styles of learning, and everything in between. Online school, workbooks, reading/ literature study. I’m at a loss. How on earth, without seeing and trying it, can you be sure the curricula you chose will work for you? I’m not sure. That’s the problem! And I’m just not willing to pay that amount of money for a curriculum I may not use! Oh, the frustration! Oh, the choices!

It’s now time to pray and seek God for his will and his leading. I jumped into this homeshooling thing because HE called me to it. Thus, I must sit and wait and listen for further guidance to make sure I’m doing what He wants me to do. It’s a hard process, sitting and being still, but I must for the success of our school and this here journey we’re on!

If your a homeschooling family and you have some opinions or comments, PLEASE leave them in the comment section. I’m lost but not without hope! I need all the help I can get!



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It’s time to say Hi again

Well, HELLO all of you! I’m back! It’s been a really crazy few months. Actually, it’s been a down and out few months. I’ve been sick with pregnancy and my struggles took a hold of me for longer than I’d care to admit. All is good, God is faithful, my husband is wonderful and my children have all survived!

I lost hope somewhere in January. My life seemed to spiral out of control and somehow my faith let it. I have spent the past few months watching from the outside as my life just seemed to go on. No real interest, or joy in anything I’ve done. I cried out to The Lord on many occasions and HE finally said enough and pulled me from my pit! His loving hand reached down and swooped me up like a mother does her child. I love him so much for his faithfulness, even when mine is almost extinct. He’s reminded me through this journey that HE is LORD of all and HE holds me in his hand. It’s so good to feel alive again. Thank you to all who prayed for me for God heard your prayers! Keep praying the road is narrow and I need all the help I can get.

On another note, the kids are still happy and healthy. Wild Bills diabetes are getting the best of her right now as she’s going through a growth spurt and puberty! AHH, the joys of puberty;) Dexter is excelling and singing regularly in church. She participated in our church’s rendition of Americas Got Talent and won! So proud of her. Magic Bean and Princess are both well and thriving in there school work. And, the DUDE, well, he’s the Dude. Happy and always willing to make someone laugh. I just love that boy!

The pregnancy is progressing well. I had a little scare last week when I went in for a routine checkup. They couldn’t find a heartbeat! Talk about the scariest day of my life! The ultrasound tech was not in so I was sent home with instructions to come back the next morning. THE LONGEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!!!! I cried, and begged, and pleaded, and prayed for God to save my child! He answered and in the morning when it was time for the ultrasound all is well. Little baby was just hiding! I will leave you with a picture of the ultrasound and this……..

IT’S A GIRL!!!!!



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