Showing the Love of Christ

So lately, I’ve been dealing with some spiritual warfare. The kind that brings you to your knees and has you begging for Gods mercy. The kind that’s so exhausting all you want to do is run into a hole and hide.

Then it hits me! Show the love of Christ. Show it to the man cussing you out at the gas station for parking at a gas pump instead of a space. Show it to the rude cashier at Walmart. Show it to the lonely girl sitting at the library. Show it to your kids when they’re driving you nuts and chaos is all around. Show it to your husband who needs you to show it to him.

The problem lies with the effort and energy it takes to do that. It is SO much easier to just roll your eyes, snarl you nose, and backlash at all the above situations. BUT, you don’t have to. Yet, many a days, many a times I do. Then I kick myself in the pants for being just what the enemy wants me to be. I’m working on it…..

We all have evil in us. What we do with that evil is up to us. We all have good within us as well. And that good can stomp out, beat down, and overcome any evil we have. The light always shines, even in the darkness.

So today, I’ll try my hardest, with the help of prayer and my savior, to shine in the darkness, wherever it may be, and show the love of Christ to those who need it. AND….. if I ifail, I’ll pick myself up and try again. Because in the end, it’s the effort that we make that makes a difference.



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