Make Dinner Easy

I’m writing today to share a little secret with you. Are you ready? I’m a one pot wonder kind of cook. I know probably not the best for the family as there isn’t much variety in a meal, but I have to. I have a large family. Six kiddos plus the hubs and myself, oh, and not to forget Bella-Boo, the little girl I keep at night, makes 9 of us eating dinner every night. I don’t have the time or the energy per say to slave over the stove cooking a meat, and two sides, plus salad, and dessert. I used to, don’t get me wrong, but lately, or the past few years my cooking passion has went to the dumps.

I’m reaching out to you my readers, friends, and family for some exciting new one pot dinner dishes that I could make to spice things up a bit. I used to love cooking but now it’s more of a chore than a hobby. It’s lets get dinner on the table before 7pm and be done. Maybe it’s the baby hanging on my leg. Or the lack of energy after schooling 5 children all day. I don’t know but I need help.

If you have a one pot dinner, casserole, crock pot meal you can share I’d truly be indebted to you. Please leave a comment and share share share! I promise my family will be grateful not to eat veggie soup for yet another night 🙂



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