My Convictions aren’t Your Convictions

Let me start by saying that what works for our family, what we deem appropriate for our family may or may not be something you’d do or instill in your family. That doesn’t make either one of us right or wrong. It just makes us different and that’s ok.

Telling the truth, Gods truth, the truth we know without a shadow of a doubt, is hard. It goes against everything the WORLD is screaming at you. It’s a struggle everyday not to fall into the temptation the world throws at you. We face it. We deal with it head on. We make hard choices. That’s what we, as a family, feel we are called to do. We feel we are called to raise up our children against the grain. Against what schools says is ok. Against what teens say is ok. Against what Hollywood says is ok. It’s something we’ve been convicted over time and time again. It’s hard though. It’s a battle everyday to let that one little thing slide….. Like wearing immodest clothes, or listening to what I call crap music. But it’s a battle we must face head on.

We do things different around here. We don’t do cell phones, even for the 15 year old. We don’t do internet access. We don’t do short shorts. We don’t do a lot of tv including such as Disney Channel. YES I know, it’s for kids. But the content of the shows don’t line up with the values we try to teach them. We don’t do public school. We don’t let our kids stay the night places. There’s a lot we don’t do. We do talk with our kids about the whys and what are reasoning is. We do pray with them about things that we don’t agree on. We do try to teach them that it’s ok to be different. It’s ok to stand up for what you believe in, IF you’re doing it in love. It’s ok to be the only one who feels a certain way. If God lays something on your heart it’s ok to stand by that!

Recently we had a falling out of sorts with some family. I feel that it’s just another way the enemy uses us and each other to try to step away from the truth we have known to be. Our family, extended family, doesn’t agree with some of the decisions we’ve made for our family. That’s ok! No really it is. I know what God has placed in our hearts. I know how God wants us to raise our family and nothing anyone can say or do is going to change that. I have to answer to HIM and only HIM when this life is all but gone. What we feel is appropriate decisions for our family is NOT the popular one by any means. It never is! But we try to convey our convictions is love. We don’t judge you for your convictions or decisions. We are all different. We’ve all been called to do something different. That doesn’t mean we condemn you because our calling is not the same. That also doesn’t mean we have to agree with it. We have to do what WE feel is best within our four walls in our home. IT’S OK!!!!!!! My convictions aren’t your convictions! I know that. I’m ok with that.

So stand your ground saints and do what God has called you to do. Speak the truth in love and stand by what God has placed in your heart. Don’t let the enemy take away even for a second the truth God has placed in you. Stand firm in your faith. Don’t waiver. For the riches in heaven are more than anything this world will ever have to offer you.