Homeschooling High School : oh the choices

It’s that time of the year! All the shiny curriculum catalogs are showing up in your mailbox daily. They entice you to shop and buy the “latest and greatest” of products for your homeschoool. Unfortunately, if your like me and entering the upper grades, you have no clue what to buy!


I’m right there with you! Dexter is in the 9th grade. We have used Abeka this year but it’s been really hard for both of us to finish. It’s extremely dry with a ton of reading. Now, Dexter is a great reader. She reads books like it’s going out of style. 500+ page books mind you, so the reading isn’t so bad for her, it’s the content of the reading that she struggles with. I’ve determined that next year Abeka will not work.

There’s my dilemma folks. WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE?!?!?!?!?! I’ve spent countless hours researching curricula, styles of learning, and everything in between. Online school, workbooks, reading/ literature study. I’m at a loss. How on earth, without seeing and trying it, can you be sure the curricula you chose will work for you? I’m not sure. That’s the problem! And I’m just not willing to pay that amount of money for a curriculum I may not use! Oh, the frustration! Oh, the choices!

It’s now time to pray and seek God for his will and his leading. I jumped into this homeshooling thing because HE called me to it. Thus, I must sit and wait and listen for further guidance to make sure I’m doing what He wants me to do. It’s a hard process, sitting and being still, but I must for the success of our school and this here journey we’re on!

If your a homeschooling family and you have some opinions or comments, PLEASE leave them in the comment section. I’m lost but not without hope! I need all the help I can get!



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One thought on “Homeschooling High School : oh the choices

  1. My son is in 9th grade this year and we used Omnibus by Veritas Press. If she loves reading she may enjoy this. It counts for a credit of History ,a credit of Literature and a credit of Theology. The book comes with a teacher cd which has all of the answers to t he questions and a whole lot more. Without having read the books myself, we are able to have awesome discussions based on the answers from the cd. The textbook lays the foundation for the books she will read so they get a greater understanding when they read. If you have a kindle you can download a lot of the books for free ( at least we could for the 9th grade reading selections) and a lot can be found in the library. Check it out on For science check out Apologia and check out Landry Academy. Landry does 2 day lab intensives all over the country so you get all of your labs for the year in 2 days. We tried Abe ka and I totally agree with you. My kids didn’t like it either.

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