It’s time to say Hi again

Well, HELLO all of you! I’m back! It’s been a really crazy few months. Actually, it’s been a down and out few months. I’ve been sick with pregnancy and my struggles took a hold of me for longer than I’d care to admit. All is good, God is faithful, my husband is wonderful and my children have all survived!

I lost hope somewhere in January. My life seemed to spiral out of control and somehow my faith let it. I have spent the past few months watching from the outside as my life just seemed to go on. No real interest, or joy in anything I’ve done. I cried out to The Lord on many occasions and HE finally said enough and pulled me from my pit! His loving hand reached down and swooped me up like a mother does her child. I love him so much for his faithfulness, even when mine is almost extinct. He’s reminded me through this journey that HE is LORD of all and HE holds me in his hand. It’s so good to feel alive again. Thank you to all who prayed for me for God heard your prayers! Keep praying the road is narrow and I need all the help I can get.

On another note, the kids are still happy and healthy. Wild Bills diabetes are getting the best of her right now as she’s going through a growth spurt and puberty! AHH, the joys of puberty;) Dexter is excelling and singing regularly in church. She participated in our church’s rendition of Americas Got Talent and won! So proud of her. Magic Bean and Princess are both well and thriving in there school work. And, the DUDE, well, he’s the Dude. Happy and always willing to make someone laugh. I just love that boy!

The pregnancy is progressing well. I had a little scare last week when I went in for a routine checkup. They couldn’t find a heartbeat! Talk about the scariest day of my life! The ultrasound tech was not in so I was sent home with instructions to come back the next morning. THE LONGEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!!!! I cried, and begged, and pleaded, and prayed for God to save my child! He answered and in the morning when it was time for the ultrasound all is well. Little baby was just hiding! I will leave you with a picture of the ultrasound and this……..

IT’S A GIRL!!!!!



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4 thoughts on “It’s time to say Hi again

  1. You had me so worried after your last post! I would check every day for an update. I am so happy to hear what God has done in your life. He is so merciful! I look forward to more happy posts as your family grows.

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