Children and Chores

DISCLAIMER:I am by no means a parenting expert. My views and opinions are just that, my own. What works for us, very well may or may not work for you….

You know you’re treading on thin water when you feel led to put up a disclaimer before writing:) I did that because I don’t want any of my readers to think they are not raising responsible children after reading this by thinking I have it all figured out. I SURELY do not! I just know for us, as a family, this is what God has led us to. Now that we got that out of the way….. Let me share my heart!

A few years ago when my kids were oh so little and cute, mom did ALL the work. Minus the few, pick up your toys speech, I did the brunt of the work. Now that my kids are getting older, we have instilled a few good things to help the house run smoother.

Everybody does chores. Yes, even the Dude, who is just about to turn 5, does chores. He vacuums when he wants to, we don’t push that. He empties trash cans, and brings up the trash cans to the house weekly. He also knows to clean his room.
We do our chores twice a day. I’ve never understood how families have a weekly or monthly cleaning routine. My house needs “CLEANED” every single day.
Each week mom redoes our chore chart which hangs on the fridge. I divide it up so that each girl gets two chores a day. One big and one not so big. Along with that they are responsible for cleaning up after themselves and keeping bedrooms tidy by the end of the night when dad comes to pray and tuck them in.
Our chore chart looks like this:

The lighting stinks today:( sorry for the not so great picture. You get the point though.

I picked up this board at Target a couple of years ago and I LOVE IT! It has 4 different colored star magnets which is perfect for the 4 girls. There are also 8 lines to write in chores which is also perfect! I used some sticky velcro to adhere it to the fridge so I could easily take it down and put it back up when needed. I work on it on Saturday night for the next week. The kids know where it is and they just have to follow there stars to know what they need to do that day. Mom then just fills in the blanks and does the extra stuff each day:) Which, when raising a houseful, is plenty enough work. Plus I do all the cooking…….

I have worked along side each one of the kids when it was time to learn a new chore. Not, I showed them once and expect it to be perfect. I still have to check chores and remind them of how we clean a certain area. Usually the bathroom is the most forgotten chore. Who likes to wipe up pee anyways;) I don’t blame them there but it has to be done.

I’m a teaching momma. Not just that we homeschool, but when they were all knee high to a grasshopper and asked questions I would not just tell them the answer. I would show them the process and let them practice doing it. Say, coffee for instance. They would ask how to make a pot of coffee. How much stuff goes in, how the water comes out and so forth. I would then take that opportunity, while they were interested, to show them and explain to them the ins and outs of making coffee. Now I can ask anyone of my kids to make coffee and they know how. Same with sweeping, dusting, moping, cleaning windows, you name it they eventually asked about it and I took the time to show them how. I can’t see how else they were supposed to know how to do it. I feel like I can’t expect my children to sweep the floor properly if I’ve never worked side by side with them teaching them.

I expect my kids to have a happy good attitude towards chore. No they don’t skip around yelling “hooray it’s time for chores” but I do expect them to work willingly and effectively at them. We should want to serve others with a happy heart and making sure our home is clean for ourselves as well as guests.
“whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for The Lord, and not human masters”
Colossians 3:23

Here’s another shocker……. you ready? We don’t pay our kids to do their chores! NOPE, not one cent! Now, we do sometimes give them a monetary incentive to go above and beyond their normal chores. Like a quarter for making mom and dads bed. Or $10 for mowing the lawn, but as far as the normal day to day stuff we don’t pay. Who is going to pay them to keep their OWN houses clean when they are grown? No one! And I’d be doing them harm in my book by rewarding them for helping run the house THEY live in. Now, don’t take me for a slave driver that sits around eating bon bons while my kids clean like Cinderella . We all work together to make our house a home and haven for us. Twice a day and it take maybe 30 minutes each time to get the house in tip top shape.
If not, our house would look like a train went through it and there would be no clean dishes or laundry to speak of in a matter of days.

I could lay out what each chore is and how it is to be done but that is not necessary. I think if you look at the chart you can see what we do each day. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and please leave a comment and tell us how you deal with chores and your own kids. I’d love to hear from you all!

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