Celebrating Birthdays

We recently celebrated Wild Bills 11th birthday. I can’t even begin with how I miss my babies being babies. Wild Bill, then Magic Bean, and the Princess are only 14 and then 15 months apart. My excuse and reasoning back when they were little was, ” I have the babies”. It seems like just yesterday but yet they are now 11 almost 10 and almost 9! Not quite babies anymore.

We don’t do the whole commercial birthday thing. We usually make our own cakes or cupcakes or brownies, whichever the individual child wants, and do a family birthday party. Sometimes grandma comes over and sometimes Aunt Sheri and family but we never rarely ever have a hoop-la party. These are the cupcakes Dexter decorated for Wild Bill. We call her B a lot of times so she did Bees on the cupcakes! She’s becoming quite the cake decorator:



We feel it is important for the birthday child to have a meaningful family birthday. They get off their chores for the day, get to pick what’s for dinner, and always have a date with Dad sometime during the week. Usually they go to dinner and go somewhere they choose. It means a lot to them and they’ve come to anticipate their date with Daddy!

We also have a 24 hour rule in our house. When a child gets something new it is ALL theirs for 24 hours! Once that time is up, it’s time to share. That way they get to have special time with just that item. There are some things that are just theirs forever, favorite blanket, special jewelry, things like that. When the 24 hours is up and it’s a toy item, I refuse to break up the “it’s mine” fight that seemed to occur before we instilled that rule. Now it’s just normal around here and they know. We have too many children and too many toys and such to go through the ‘”he/she has MY things”. Plus it teaches them to share in everything they have. All we have is a gift from above and it’s a real life lesson to pass that on by sharing everything we get with someone else.

I love to make each child feel special and I certainly don’t wait for their birthdays to roll around to do it but this is how our family celebrates our birthdays!


My girl is growing up, much as I’d love to keep them all babies, she’s growing up!


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