A day at the E.R.

We spent 10 hours in the Riley Childrens Hospital E.R. not too long ago. Wild Bill, who is our type 1 diabetic, went to bed with a small tummy ache. We tend to pass things back and forth and some of the other kids had had a bug so I sent her to bed thinking it was just that, a bug that would pass. The next morning around 4:30 a.m. I’m awaken to the sound of hurling in the living room. I jump out of bed to find Wild Bill with a small trash can getting sick. I helped her the best I could, took her temp, gave her some luke warm water, and tucked her in on the couch. We checked her sugar and it was 430. That’s pretty high so I encouraged her to check ketones in the bathroom. Sure enough she had large ketones. That is not anything new when she’s sick so I adjusted her insulin a bit and sent her back to the couch.

Every time the poor baby drank even a sip she was throwing it right back up. This went on till 9a.m. At this point you could tell she was getting dehydrated, her sugar was now at 495 even with the increase of insulin, and the vomiting wasn’t stopping. I got ahold of her nurse at Riley and asked what next. She informed me that we needed to take her to the E.R. to have her checked out and if nothing else get her some I.V. fluids.

She couldn’t even get up to walk to the van she was so weak. Dexter helped her in the van and we snuggled her with a blanket and a small trash can to hold on to for the ride. She went the longest, 20 minutes, without throwing up in the van, but by the time we arrived she was heaving again. Dad met us at Riley Children’s Hospital and when I got there he picked her up from the van and carried her inside. By the time I made it from the parking garage with the rest of the kiddos to the e.r. room they were already starting I.V.s and trying to figure out what was going on.

After they got the fluids going they started getting ready for blood draws. Her numbers were not good. Her sugar was in the 500’s by now and I watched as my little girl looked to be dying. I can’t even express the fear I had watching her deteriorate so quickly right before my eyes. I only kept praying God you spared her once, please spare her again. I prayed and thanked God for having his hand on her the entire time! They started the insulin drip, which is only administered in the e.r. or in ICU, not long after we arrived. She was right on the verge of ICU but they wanted to see if they could help her in the e.r. first. They did test after test and couldn’t figure out why her sugar had skyrocketed and why she turned so quickly. She continued to vomit for a while until they gave her some anti-nausea meds which worked almost miraculously! I was very glad for that.



With in a few hours she was starting to feel better and her sugar was coming down. When we investigated further, we realized the port which her insulin goes through(she wears an insulin pump) was bad, thus causing her to not get the proper insulin. That would explain the high sugars but she’s had high sugars before and not gone into Ketoacidosis before.


She started to watch some videos on the IPAD and laugh a little at her brother and sisters. I was so relieved when she finally asked for something to eat! I knew she was getting better at that point. Her E.R. doctor couldn’t believe it when he came in and she was eating! He had told us that we should prepare for a day or two stay in the ICU because she was so sick and now she was eating McDonalds and watching videos! He honestly couldn’t believe how good she was looking. We spent a few more hours in the e.r. but with her sugar down to 200, her ketones gone, the vomiting stopped, and her demeanor back they said we could go home.

I still have no idea what caused all of this which kind of scared me but I know that my little girls life is in Gods hands and HE controls her future. She spent the rest of the weekend being her regular old self but with a scratchy voice as all the vomiting caused her voice to change. But other than that by Saturday night you couldn’t tell she was ever sick! I thank God for that! I thank God for her! And yes, I thank God for diabetes! You can read our full testimony of her diagnosis and why I thank God for diabetes HERE

I thank God for you too, my readers and family! I love you all so much for this journey we call life is just a little bit better with all of you in it!



Me and Wild Bill the night of her birthday just 1 week from the E.R. visit!!!!!

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5 thoughts on “A day at the E.R.

  1. Oh my goodness!! I knew something was up when I didn’t see you guys. So thankful God touched her. What a doll she is and such a trooper!

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