What Will I do Without it????

MY WASHER DIED!!!!! In a house of 7 and three loads done a day, not having a washer is detrimental to our life! Saturday morning I noticed the dryer was doing something funny. It was making all kinds of racket. I stopped the dryer to take a peek inside. The clothes were so wet and heavy that it wasn’t spinning properly. I thought it to be a bit odd, but just pulled out half the load and started it again. It dried no problem at all. Then come Sunday, I washed a load of clothes only to find when it was done that the clothes were so wet that I could barely lift them out of the washer. I put them back in( i didn’t pull them all the way out) and started the washer on the drain and spin cycle. NOTHING! You could here some of the water draining but the washer would not spin. I tried to start it again. My washer spins as the water is turned on to get all the clothes wet and save water. I let it run for a minute and then peeked inside. No spinning at all! By this time, Mommas freaking out a bit and calls in the genius husband. Panic sets in when he pulls out the warranty information and tells me we just need to call geeksquad because he can’t find what’s wrong. By this time it’s 8:30 Sunday night. With two loads in the back closet and a load in the washer what’s a girl to do? I call the number and set up an appointment. Thursday they will be out to fix the washer but between now and Thursday there will be no laundering done in the house. WHAT?!?!?!? I’m so thankful for a brother that lives less than 2 miles down the street that has a working washing machine! I think we’ll be visiting some this week as I take my laundry to their house of 7 to wash some clothes! Yeah, there washer is going to get quite the workout this week. I’ll be glad when Thursday comes around and my little geeksquad guy shows up at my door! Till then, we’ll be borrowing my brothers washer:)



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