10 Years Of Marriage

10 Years ago I married one of the sweetest, most handsome man in the world. On our wedding day you would of thought it was marital bliss. That was not the case.


You see we already had Wild Bill and I was 7 months pregnant with Magic Bean at the time. We would get married and then go home to my mommas house. We had bills piling up from reckless spending and the mindset “we’ll just finance it”. My husband was finishing school to become a massage therapist and I worked two jobs. Flying J travel Center in the morning and Pizza Hut at night. Not exactly what every newly wed woman who’s 7 months pregnant wants to do! But God is Good and Faithful, so hold on for the good parts!

Do you see the baby bump?

Let’s rewind a bit though. I met my husband and instantly knew there was something different about him. First, he was not someone I would ideally be attracted to. I’d come home from school and tell my mom, I just don’t know what it is about this guy mom but I just adore him. When he finally asked me on a date, I accepted gladly, wondering what took him so long! We hung out for a few hours and then he drove me home. The next date we went on was my Baptism. I invited him to come. My whole family was there, but at the time, none of them were saved or serving The Lord. That started something in him. I’d invite him to church week after week and he’d go gladly. One Sunday morning during the invitation to salvation, he went up front and was saved! I was so excited for him.
We didn’t change overnight though. We still went out for drinks and we’re “messing” around. We had Wild Bill right after we got together. When I found out I was going to have another baby just 5 short months after Wild Bill was born I felt the conviction to get married. We had tossed it around a bit before but I was mean and nasty and wasn’t ready for such a big commitment. I had been in a relationship with Dexters dad for 5 years and it wasn’t a good one. I was hurting but no one would ever know it. I kept things inside of me at the time.

In October of 2002 we married. During pre-marital counseling our Pastor at the time told us, yes this a Pastor telling us, “you will probably me married for less than 3 years. Marriages that start out like yours(ie. having kids beforehand) usually don’t make it”. I think that was the best, although harsh, advice anyone could of given us. It made us realize we were going to have to work really hard to make this work. We we’re going to have to rely on God, the one who brought us together, to keep us together.

After having Magic Bean that next January I got pregnant with Princess. My God, I thought, I didn’t want 1 child what am I going to do with 4!?!?! God was using all these trials and ideals I had in my mind to mold me and shape me into the person I am now. Learning to trust and lean on Him for all this life’s obstacles and hurdles has been difficult but He is faithful and patient. Which I might add is wonderful as I’m very strong headed and always want it my way!

We have been through so much over these 10 years but honestly I wouldn’t change any of it! God has led us down paths that we would never dream of. Like living in a house on food stamps and welfare just to get by to owning a beautiful 5 bedroom ranch that although is still a bit small for our family, is so AWESOME compared to where we’ve come from. He’s taken us on journeys through different churches, given us opportunities to be an example and minister to other families, and grown our hearts and faithfulness to Him in such a way that is unfathomable.

We’re not perfect, nor to we wish to strive to that. We are sinners saved by grace through faith and walking out our salvation everyday. We still have ups and downs. Life is not a bed of roses but as long as we as a couple keep our eyes set on Jesus, he will never fail us. Even in the darkest of hours He is there.

Happy Anniversary Allen, your are the love of my life from now until eternity. You have endured so much to make this marriage and family work and I thank you for your dedication and sacrifices you’ve made. You make me smile everyday and I love you for that. Praying this is just the tip of the iceberg in Happily Ever After……..


This is us…… happily ever after…!!!!!


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