Weekly Memory Verse Week 20

Mark 2:5
And when Jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralytic, “Son, your sins are forgiven.”

Let me back up a little so you get the whole picture and why I chose this verse. Here Jesus is, in a house preaching, and there’s no more room to go in, not even to the door. Some friends of a paralyzed man know Jesus is in there and He can heal their friend. Thinking of how to get there friend to Jesus, they climb up on the roof and start ripping it away until there’s a hole big enough to lower their friend into Jesus’ presence. And that’s where Jesus saw THEIR faith.

Do you have unsaved loved ones? Friends or family with disease, affliction, addiction, bondages, or strongholds? I do! I do! I do! I do! This story is a REAL, very real, reminder that when we stand in the gap for our friends, when we have faith even when they don’t, Jesus sees. He hears our cry! The paralyzed man in this story didn’t scream and yell until Jesus came to see him. His friends said, hey there’s Jesus and he can heal you, let’s go. When they got there and realized there was no way to get their friend to Jesus, they tore down the roof! WOW! I want that kind of faith. The man was healed because Jesus saw THEIR faith. Not his(paralyzed man) faith. I want to be able to see friends and family free because of the prayers I pray for them. Actually, as of now, I’m standing on Gods word that he will see my faith and answer my prayer.

What do you need prayer for? I would LOVE to add you to my prayer list. Please allow me to stand in the gap for you or a loved one. Memorize this verse with me this week and let’s see what God will do with OUR faith!



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