I am NOT qualified

Nope, not one bit. I have a high school education. No college. No degree. No teaching experience, except a one month stint of helping in a preschool class. No fancy online training. Nothing. Yet, I homeschool.

I give my children my all when it comes to homeschooling. I try to make it fun, I try to make it engaging, but sometimes it’s not. Sometimes we all throw our hands in the air and put the books aside and just go play. Sometimes I get this look:

Mom, I’m done! Yep! That’s the look.

I have no “formal” curriculum I follow. I do use Heart of Dakota books for a general outline and guide but we don’t follow it to a T. Sometimes I see a fascinating book at the library and we use it for a few weeks then choose something else. Sometimes, we use no books and I just go with what they are interested in. If your an outsider looking in you might thing I’m a little scattered and completely unprepared. Well, maybe I am a little bit but we do alright.

We try to just keep on moving. Wether that means through our multiplication facts or through a history book, we just keep moving! That’s one of the glorious parts of homeschooling. There is no “you have to learn this …. by this time. We have ourselves to hold accountable. Sometimes, I don’t know what they are learning about. It’s true. Sometimesto often I have to ask Dexter who is a freshmen this year, what on earth a book is talking about. She is one smart cookie that girl. It’s a good thing or I might just waste hours on the internet looking up different concepts!


Others ask, are you qualified? NO. Aren’t you scared you’ll miss something they need? Yes. What about socialization? What about it. Do you fear you’ll mess them up somehow? Always. But in the end it all comes back to being CALLED to homeschool. I know that I’m not qualified to teach my kids but I know the ONE who is. I know I might just mess them up, but His grace is enough. I fear I will miss something that they will eventually need, but God can fill that gap, and remedial courses in college:) You see, if we looked at homeschooling as a school, no one would hire most of us. But Gods word teaches us to “train” our children. To be keepers of the home and our children. I am one of those people living that out. I’m not a rocket scientist and never wanted to be. I want to be a momma that cherishes, loves, nurtures, and keeps my home. I want every aspect of my children’s lives to be intwined in mine. Is that so wrong?


I want to spend countless hours crafting cards for people that need encouragement. I want to spend hours coloring, or playing with playdough just for fun. I want to spend time laughing and playing cards with my kids. Yes I want them to have a great education but this world is more that books and knowledge. I want them to live with compassion for others. I want to teach them to serve and love their God. I want them to be all they were created to be. Sometimes that means ditching the books and just living the way God intended us to.

No, by this world standards, I am not “qualified” to homeschool, but I am called, and for me that’s all that matters!



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Weekly Memory Verse Week 24

A faithful person will be richly blessed, but one eager to get rich will not go unpunished.

Proverbs 28:20NIV

Do you tithe? Do you give to the poor? Do you support different ministries? Gods word tell us to be faithful with what God has given us. Are you?

It took us a LONG time to figure this one out. We would drop a five dollar bill or ten dollar bill in the offering plate or even if it was a “good” week maybe a $20. But we were not faithful with what God had given us. We found week after week, month after month we just didn’t have it to give. Then one year we decided after a sermon on tithing, which no pastor really wants to preach I think, we we’re going to start tithing. We started out with $60 which was 10% of our earnings at the time. What a HUGE blessing it was. Not only did God provide for us for the income we were giving to the church, He began to teach us to trust Him more. It’s funny to us now because we look back and think of all the times we thought “WE” had our finances under control but now that we leave it in Gods hands he is more than able to meet our needs. And the wonderful part is HE DOES!

We are not rich. We live mostly paycheck to paycheck with a little in savings for an emergency. We shop wise, make cuts when we have to, and pay cash for everything. We have no credit cards but did once, and completely trust God with our finances. We have went through times of job loss. God made miraculous provision for us when my husband was out of work for 8 months and we still had money from nowhere coming in to pay the bills. God is our Jehovah Jireh! It is our duty, and nowadays our pleasure to honor him with 10% of our income. The word says a faithful person, are you? If you are not I encourage you to take a good look at all that scripture has to say about tithing and giving and search your own heart. Ask God what he wants. He will always be there to answer that question!



What Will I do Without it????

MY WASHER DIED!!!!! In a house of 7 and three loads done a day, not having a washer is detrimental to our life! Saturday morning I noticed the dryer was doing something funny. It was making all kinds of racket. I stopped the dryer to take a peek inside. The clothes were so wet and heavy that it wasn’t spinning properly. I thought it to be a bit odd, but just pulled out half the load and started it again. It dried no problem at all. Then come Sunday, I washed a load of clothes only to find when it was done that the clothes were so wet that I could barely lift them out of the washer. I put them back in( i didn’t pull them all the way out) and started the washer on the drain and spin cycle. NOTHING! You could here some of the water draining but the washer would not spin. I tried to start it again. My washer spins as the water is turned on to get all the clothes wet and save water. I let it run for a minute and then peeked inside. No spinning at all! By this time, Mommas freaking out a bit and calls in the genius husband. Panic sets in when he pulls out the warranty information and tells me we just need to call geeksquad because he can’t find what’s wrong. By this time it’s 8:30 Sunday night. With two loads in the back closet and a load in the washer what’s a girl to do? I call the number and set up an appointment. Thursday they will be out to fix the washer but between now and Thursday there will be no laundering done in the house. WHAT?!?!?!? I’m so thankful for a brother that lives less than 2 miles down the street that has a working washing machine! I think we’ll be visiting some this week as I take my laundry to their house of 7 to wash some clothes! Yeah, there washer is going to get quite the workout this week. I’ll be glad when Thursday comes around and my little geeksquad guy shows up at my door! Till then, we’ll be borrowing my brothers washer:)


Weekly Memory Verse Week 23

JOHN 16:33

…..In this world you will have trouble, but take heart! I have overcome the world.

What a glorious promise Jesus made that day! I can come to this verse on days when nothing seems possible. When the weight of this world feels like boulders on my shoulders. I can tell myself, Jesus said this world would have trouble. But, my hope is in Him. My victory is in Him. My salvation is in Him. My life is in His hands, and he HAS OVERCAME! What a glorious promise to stand on today.

If you’re in a season of your life where there is heartache and pain. Where things just seem impossible. Where all the world is against you, take heart! Jesus has overcome!


I can’t stop!

The whole earth is filled with awe at your wonders;
where morning dawns, where evening fades,
you call forth songs of joy.

Psalm 65:8


I have this desire to tell you how I can’t stop praising Him! I need to praise him. I want to praise him. I’m made to praise him. It’s so easy for us, me included, to take time to tell everyone where our problems lie. What is getting us down, what has been a struggle. Why is it so hard to praise Him for all he has done then? I don’t have the answer. I’m just at a place right now, in this moment where I NEED to praise Him. I can praise him for the sun, for the clouds, for the rain, for the wind. I can praise him for the house we’ve made into a home. I can praise him for the 5 little blessings he’s entrusted to me. I can’t stop. I was made to praise.

God is so good. No really, he is. Every tear is held in His hand. That just tells me even in the hurting times He is good. He protects me. He shields me. He is hovering over my life in sweet protection. God is here for me whenever I call. He’s never more than a prayer away! Do you get that? Do you understand that in our time of need He’s always right there? It’s so easy for us to call out to God when our lives are upside down and inside out. It’s so easy to cry “why me Lord”. It can equally be easy, with a bit of practice, to glorify Him. Praise him when you wake. Praise him for your food. Praise him for providing work. Praise him for blessing you with children. Praise him for the little things. The stuff this world takes for granted. The air we breath. The Mc Donald’s on every street corner in America.

I want to shout for joy that I’m saved. That my redeemer lives. That I am going to fall at the feet of Jesus one day and never cease praising him. I want to shout to those who don’t know him. I want to be an example of his love and tender mercies that are new each day. I want to teach my children about him. I want to show them how to talk to him. How to love him. How to praise him. How to fear him. I want them to know ALL things come from him. This is what I was made for.

God has done and continues daily to do such good things in my life. I’m not saying that everyday is full of cheer and is easy. Most days are just not that way. We live in a fallen world with a fallen people. Curve balls come at us left and right. The thing that makes the difference for me is knowing that the One who created it all is on my side. He is walking right there with me. He is sometimes even helping me stand because frankly life can wear you down. This is why I can’t stop praising him! He is ever faithful.

Just the other day I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with the task at hand. The task just happened to be cleaning the little girls’ room with them. I sat and looked at all the stuff everywhere, the piles of clothes, shoes, and toys. I was completely overwhelmed! It’s going to take hours of time I just don’t have I thought to myself. Then, I just sat back against the wall and asked Jesus to calm me down. Relieve my fear of what was about to go on in that room. And just like that a sweeping presence of peace came over me and the girls and I got to work. It still took hours to complete but knowing that Jesus was right there with me made it go so much smoother. If I can count on him for the little things like cleaning a room, how much more can I count on him for the big things?

If you don’t know this Jesus I’m talking about, please get a bible and read for yourself. Ask God to give you a fresh revelation of all that he is. If your in a place where you need a little reminder, I pray God give that to you through this writing. I’m not a saint people. I’m just as stain washed as anyone else, probably more so. The difference is I know where my help comes from. It come from the one that made it all. I still mess up daily. I say things I shouldn’t. Hide feelings in my heart I should release. Have unforgiveness in me. I struggle with things just like anyone else. But I know the Potter and I’m allowing Him to mold and make me into all that he wants me to be.

Praise be to God above for all things great and small!



Weekly Memory Verse Week 22

Blessed is the one whose sin The Lord will never count against them.

Romans 4:8(NIV)

If we have accepted Jesus as our savior and confessed that with our mouths we can stand on this verse. We can live knowing that when we mess up, and we will, we can ask for forgiveness and He is so good to forgive them. I don’t know about you, but it seems like I am a lot like Paul. What I want to do, I don’t. What I don’t want to do, I do. Isn’t that the way the enemy works. Gets us all twisted up even in our own selves and we fail and fall short of God everyday? I’m so thankful that even when I do mess up I can count myself BLESSED. God forgives! Thank you Lord for forgiving.


10 Years Of Marriage

10 Years ago I married one of the sweetest, most handsome man in the world. On our wedding day you would of thought it was marital bliss. That was not the case.


You see we already had Wild Bill and I was 7 months pregnant with Magic Bean at the time. We would get married and then go home to my mommas house. We had bills piling up from reckless spending and the mindset “we’ll just finance it”. My husband was finishing school to become a massage therapist and I worked two jobs. Flying J travel Center in the morning and Pizza Hut at night. Not exactly what every newly wed woman who’s 7 months pregnant wants to do! But God is Good and Faithful, so hold on for the good parts!

Do you see the baby bump?

Let’s rewind a bit though. I met my husband and instantly knew there was something different about him. First, he was not someone I would ideally be attracted to. I’d come home from school and tell my mom, I just don’t know what it is about this guy mom but I just adore him. When he finally asked me on a date, I accepted gladly, wondering what took him so long! We hung out for a few hours and then he drove me home. The next date we went on was my Baptism. I invited him to come. My whole family was there, but at the time, none of them were saved or serving The Lord. That started something in him. I’d invite him to church week after week and he’d go gladly. One Sunday morning during the invitation to salvation, he went up front and was saved! I was so excited for him.
We didn’t change overnight though. We still went out for drinks and we’re “messing” around. We had Wild Bill right after we got together. When I found out I was going to have another baby just 5 short months after Wild Bill was born I felt the conviction to get married. We had tossed it around a bit before but I was mean and nasty and wasn’t ready for such a big commitment. I had been in a relationship with Dexters dad for 5 years and it wasn’t a good one. I was hurting but no one would ever know it. I kept things inside of me at the time.

In October of 2002 we married. During pre-marital counseling our Pastor at the time told us, yes this a Pastor telling us, “you will probably me married for less than 3 years. Marriages that start out like yours(ie. having kids beforehand) usually don’t make it”. I think that was the best, although harsh, advice anyone could of given us. It made us realize we were going to have to work really hard to make this work. We we’re going to have to rely on God, the one who brought us together, to keep us together.

After having Magic Bean that next January I got pregnant with Princess. My God, I thought, I didn’t want 1 child what am I going to do with 4!?!?! God was using all these trials and ideals I had in my mind to mold me and shape me into the person I am now. Learning to trust and lean on Him for all this life’s obstacles and hurdles has been difficult but He is faithful and patient. Which I might add is wonderful as I’m very strong headed and always want it my way!

We have been through so much over these 10 years but honestly I wouldn’t change any of it! God has led us down paths that we would never dream of. Like living in a house on food stamps and welfare just to get by to owning a beautiful 5 bedroom ranch that although is still a bit small for our family, is so AWESOME compared to where we’ve come from. He’s taken us on journeys through different churches, given us opportunities to be an example and minister to other families, and grown our hearts and faithfulness to Him in such a way that is unfathomable.

We’re not perfect, nor to we wish to strive to that. We are sinners saved by grace through faith and walking out our salvation everyday. We still have ups and downs. Life is not a bed of roses but as long as we as a couple keep our eyes set on Jesus, he will never fail us. Even in the darkest of hours He is there.

Happy Anniversary Allen, your are the love of my life from now until eternity. You have endured so much to make this marriage and family work and I thank you for your dedication and sacrifices you’ve made. You make me smile everyday and I love you for that. Praying this is just the tip of the iceberg in Happily Ever After……..


This is us…… happily ever after…!!!!!