Weekly Memory Verse Week 19

The Lord will keep you from harm; He will watch over your life;
Psalms 121:7

In the season I’m in, I’m often in prayer asking where are you God? I sometimes feel alone or separated from God. I often wonder why I’m going through certain situations. This verse is a GREAT reminder that God never leaves us. He is watching over all we are going through. Good, bad, and ugly, God has it all in His hands. He sees when we cry. He sees when we rejoice. He sees us when we cry out Where Are You?

I don’t have to worry whether or not I’m alone. Scripture tells me I’m not. I don’t have to wonder if the path I’m walking is in Gods hands. Scripture promises it is. I don’t have to worry what my life may bring. My God and His Word says he will keep me from harm. He will watch over me! What a glorious promise in a time where I often feel alone and deserted. Walk in that promise today my friends. His word is true, living, and can be trusted for what it says!



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