DIY easy harvest pumpkins

It’s not too late to make these for your fall/ thanksgiving decor!!!!!

I love to decorate for the holidays. Whether it’s for fall, christmas, easter. I love them all. I decorate the outside as well as the inside of our home. A little goes a long way. I say a post on Pinterest For a super easy pumpkin patch decoration. I didn’t follow the instructions to a T. I never do. That’s just not me. I modify and make things my own and I rarely actually measure things. I like the eye ball method. This is the finished product…..


Here’s how I made it:

4×4 posts: leftover from a fence we put up over the summer. I had 3 behind the shed.

Orange Paint: leftover from the living room walls.

Stick for stem: I cut a branch off a line of bushes that divide ours and the neighbors yards.

Twine: I did buy at the Dollar Tree but later found my stash. $1

Gold Wire: Dollar Tree, I bought two 6 ft. rolls in the flower arrangement section.

Saw: In the garage.

Piece of wood for sign: found in garage, painted with some brown paint and lettering is hand painted with black we already had.

Leaves: Dollar Tree pack of loose leaves.

Total Project cost was $4 but I have a ton of leaves and twine left to use for something else.

I started by laying the wood pieces next to each other and starting with the longest cut the other two a little shorter than the next.

I had the girls paint the pieces orange. They wanted to help and I was glad.


After two coats dried I cut the branch to make the stems, wrapped around a few times with twine, and added a curly piece of wire,and glued them on with Gorilla Glue. That stuff ROCKS by the way:)



I added the leaves at this point as well.

Next we drilled a hole in the sign piece of wood and painted it brown. When that was dry, Dexter added some detail with sparkly paint and started the lettering.


We finished the project by twisting all the “pumpkins” together with the gold wire and attaching the sign. I made a few really long curls at the ends as well.


And there you go. A few hours, mostly to let the paint dry, and you got yourselves a homemade pumpkin patch! What do you think?

Here is the rest of the decorations we have on the outside!


I can’t wait until all the mums bloom! They are going to be GORGEOUS!


I’d love for you to leave a comment and let me know what you think!








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