Busy Busy Bee

We’ve been busy busy busy around here. I have so much to share with you all today…… HHMMM, now where to begin???

Let’s start with Pinterest Oh my, how I love and hate you! I have found the mother load of all things food, crafty, gift making, you name it I’ve found it, on PINTEREST! I do get so much inspiration from it though. We’ve crafted a nice little wreath for my sisters new home…



Looks great by the way on her hunter green door:)

I’ve been cooking up lots of new snacks and dinners from recipes I’ve found… Like these easy granola bars



And nutella cookies I shared in welcoming the new neighbor


I’ve also been sewing! I love to sew. It’s so relaxing and peaceful to me. I made these really cute seat sacks thanks to Pinterest. Along with the gutter shelves in the school room, it really adds a ton of storage and helps keep things organized a bit. You can see the tutorial here.


I’ve made two so far out of two yards of fabric. Now to buy some more fabric and finish the other two chairs.

We took a first of the week camping trip with my mom! I love to camp! Have I told you that?

Mom and Ron are so cute together and have very few pictures together so I did a mini photo shoot for them. They will love this once I edit it a bit and print it for them. Shhh, don’t tell;)

One of the favorite parts of camping this time was we all brought our dogs. We took Ruger and they brought Stink and Tewie. Actually it’s Tink and Stewie but for some reason I never say it right. Ruger loves the water and had a blast playing with Tink and Stewie who found out what playing in the water is all about for the first time!

YES! They were a muddy, stinky mess when we were finished fishing but they had such a good time together. I just love to watch Ruger play. He’s like another kid to me.

I led the brownies and juniors in our girl scout troop too! These girls are so much fun and I love working with them. This was our first meeting of the year and the kids had a blast!


We worked on a Playing Fair badge, did a small foot print craft, then headed out doors to play games! They had a blast!

We took Wild Bill to the eye doctor for her contacts this month. Her glasses are coke bottle thick so I was more excited than her for her to get the contacts! I can see her beautiful face now, eyes and all!

She got them in and out with no problems! She was like a pro after a few tries. She learned a lot faster than Dexter did last year when she got hers. I’m just glad she has them and can go with out the glasses when she wants to.

Last but surely not least, I watched a girlfriends two nephews for her on a Saturday. Those two boys are the sweetest, well behaved little boys ever. They played with The Dude all day. I made up some sidewalk paint with cornstarch, water, and food coloring and let them go to work! It was super easy to wash off as well, and they played forever with it. Well, until it was all gone at least….



That about wraps up what we’ve been busy doing. How about you? Tackled any new projects lately? Share below in the comment section. I’d love to hear from you!



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