Weekly Memory Verse Week 17

For we are Gods handiwork….
Ephesians 2:10

WOW, what a great word. We are Gods handiwork. God has molded us and made us, each individually, into who He wants us to be. Can you just ponder that for a moment? The God of all creation, the One who was and is and is yet to come, has made you. Just as He wants you. I know how hard it is for me to walk in that truth. I get so upset with myself over my body(5 kids later I should be happy I’m only a size 8) over my hair, my looks. My attitude sometimes doesn’t reflect Christ. I’m not walking in His handiwork. I think this scripture is a great reminder that we, those of us born again, are Christs’ child. We are exactly who He has made us. We are the way He wants us. Let’s stop wishing, thinking, and praying for something else and be thankful that we have a God that created us to His liking. Won’t you take a minute or two this week to just give God praise and glory and thanksgiving that he made you? Just tell Him how much you appreciate His work! I pray you find joy this week as you really get a hold of Gods handiwork.



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