Welcoming the new neighbor

We have a new neighbor! It’s sad that the older women down the street passed away but I know she is in heaven singing and rejoicing with the Lord so that makes it easier. Her house finally sold and our new neighbors are moving in this week. I love to be able to welcome our new neighbors. After all, we’ll both be seeing each other quite a bit. Right?!?!?!

We live on what we call “the sac”. It’s a small court that sits 14 houses. I know all most of my neighbors. The ones I don’t personally know I’m very cordial with. They are the first 4 houses when you enter the street and we are all the way down on the court. The rest I know by name, check on when they aren’t seen for a while. Take cards and treats to them when I know they are sick. Watch there houses when they are away. And can go to them for an egg, flour, or the latest… dishsoap:) that’s the kinda neighbors we have on “the sac”. We LOVE it here. It’s small and quiet, unless my kids are outside, and for the most part we feel safe. Most of them know we homeschool and are outside people. They slow down when coming around the curve knowing some kids will probably be playing or riding bikes in the street. That’s just how it is here. There’s a sense of community here that you just don’t get everywhere now a days.

For the new-bees I like to call them, I decided I’d bake cookies and go down and introduce myself. Well, with my family of course. I started with a nutella cookie recipe I found on Pinterest.

I had to try one since this is the first time I made them and they turned out well. I’m not a sweets or cookies kinda gal so to me they were just alright but to someone who likes cookies I’m sure they are going to be delicious.

I couldn’t just send them on a plate so I decided to decorate a pringles can. I also found that idea on pinterest or a blog but can’t find the link. SORRY:(





I decorated the can, slide the cookies in, and tied it all with ribbon. Now it’s ready to go meet the neighbors along with the family. I will also get out a welcome to the neighborhood card as well to take down. I love meeting new people and the neighbors are no exception. The bible tell us to “love our neighbors as ourselves”. Matthew 22:39. What a great way to do that by introducing yourself and welcoming them to there new home.


How have you blessed your neighbors? Do you know them? Comment below and let us all know what you do to welcome a new neighbor:)

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6 thoughts on “Welcoming the new neighbor

  1. Cool idea. We have new neighbors, too. Moved in this week. We’ve been excitedly watching as their new modular home has taken shape. Now that the dog is here, I guess they’re here to stay, too. I was thinking homemade bread but cookies might be better. (Not everyone likes whole wheat bread.)

  2. Your project turned out beautifully! That is so great that you have a great neighborhood! We just moved into a new home and I hope we will get to know our neighbors well like you have =)

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