Family Devotions Time

We are THAT family. The Jesus freak, praying in public, singing worship songs all day long kind of family. Recently we took a weekend camping trip. Did you know I LOVE camping?!?!?! I could probably live in the woods in a tent, if I could have wifi there;) Any ways, we went camping. Since we were away we knew we wouldn’t be going to church on Sunday morning. Really, that’s the only downfall to camping for the weekend. We decided ahead of time we would do family church/ devotion time at the campgrounds. While entering into the park, we spotted a beautiful overlook that we knew we wanted to watch the sunset from, that would be the perfect place for our little family “church”.

Pictures don’t do justice when you see something this beautiful.
God had his hand upon us the whole time because when we got to the over look there were two couple sitting on a picnic table singing hymns with a guitar. We had our own little quiet worship session.

You couldn’t see the guitar but the lady on the far right is playing. It was perfect!
After they left and the sun started setting a bit more dad read from the bible for us.

We read about Samson and how no matter what happened, even after being mocked, eyes gouged out, imprisoned, all Samson had to do was call on the name of the Lord and his was with him. How good is GOD? He never left Samson. Samson just didn’t cry out for Him.

The kids followed along with their bibles and asked questions along the way. It was a really special time for us. As we finished up, the sun set and it reminded me of how awesome and wonderful our God is! Look at the beautiful sunset! Only God could be that creative!

And to Him be the glory!




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8 thoughts on “Family Devotions Time

  1. What a beautiful way to worship. I am not a camper ( although I am often a happy camper, giggle) My husband loves camping.thank you for sharing your lovely post on the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. xo

  2. Hallelujah! Tiffany we are a lot like your gang, I mean my own gang. The world would call us Jesus freak too! But hey, I don’t mind at all. Creation truly declares God’s beauty and it is so good to spend time with Him in such beauty.
    This is a great share, visiting from Titus Tuesday, have a super blessed day!

  3. My gang is a lot like yours, the world would call us that too, but hey, I don’t mind!
    Creation truly declares God’s beauty, and it must have been great to spend time with Him right there.
    Visiting from Titus Tuesday, have a super blessed day!

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