Are you a selfish person? With your time? With your money? With your abilities? I wouldn’t not necessarily consider myself a selfish but the more I think about it the more I realize I am. Or maybe I’m not, I just am listening to this world. I feel the need to make things about me. I want…… I need…… I’d like to have……. Does this sound familiar?

It struck me this morning when my wonderful genius man asked if he should make his own sandwich for lunch. My reply was yep. Not because I didn’t want to make him a sandwich but to me the way I accepted the question was, wife, go make me a sandwich. Now, he didn’t say it in a mean or commanding way, but my flesh rose up and the defense stance came and I felt unloved at the question. Then he replied with, never mind, I’ll just buy a sub. That made me even more upset. Why is it ok for me to make your lunch but not you? (My thought) Then he says, you expect me to go to work today right? You expect me to take care of the house and van and our finances and all right? Then why is it not ok for me to expect a lunch from you? OUCH!!! That one hurt! In my selfishness I didn’t want to make someone who EXPECTS a lunch to get a lunch. In my selfishness I thought, do something for yourself! How wrong was I? It’s my job! He works outside the home. I am a worker of the home. It’s my job to make sure as his wife he’s needs are met and one of those happens to be a daily lunch. My selfishness with my time this morning is what got that attitude started. It was a wrong attitude too I might add.

As a women living in a fallen world with a society that shuns what I do it’s hard not to fall into the “ME” trap. I need.. I want… you know. This life is not my own as a follower of Christ though. “whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me”Matthew 16:24. This is what I’m called to do. DIE TO SELF. Deny what I want and what I need and follow Jesus. Am I doing that with a bad attitude and selfishness towards my husband? “she brings him good and not harm all the days of her life” Proverbs 31:12. I’m surely not bringing him good when I’m not taking care of his needs now am I?

This all struck me this morning over a sandwich! Isn’t God so good in his timing?!?!?! To reveal to me how I’m living in the flesh over a sandwich. I’m so thankful for the spiritual spanking(what I like to call a new revelation) I get from the Lord. He is so faithful to only give these to me when I’m truly ready for them. A few years ago I would’ve not heeded the notion to look into my selfishness. I would’ve just thought it was normal, but God knows when to reveal things to me in a way that I listen. I just love how he does it.

Thank you Lord for always giving me what I need when I need it even if it doesn’t line up with my expectations. You know all of me and are so good to prick my heart at the right time for change. I love you and praise you this day!

What has God revealed to you? Do you need a fresh word from him? Pray and seek him for what he’ll have you to do as a wife and mother. He is ALWAYS faithful!





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