DIY school room chairs makeover

My wonderful husband knows I like junk stuff. Lots of stuff! And if you tell me it’s free, well, thats even better. My man is not the same and does not value junk stuff the way I do. Much to my surprise he called me last week on his way home from work and told me he got me something special. I almost drooled with anticipation! When he arrived home I couldn’t believe my eyes! He had brought me home some junk awesome chairs. He found them by the dumpster at one of the job sites and picked them up for me! I know! I know! My man, can you believe it?


I got a set of four of these bad boys! They are probably quite a few years old but are very sturdy and just need some TLC.

My girls and I took Friday morning to get to work on them.


First up, sanding……. I wish I would’ve thought about it thoroughly. We sanded by hand with sandpaper, even though we had a small sander in the garage. Hard work never hurt anyone though right??????
Once we just lightly sanded them Dexter sat and painted. I helped a bit but lets not think I did this myself. SHE did most of the work.


Magic Bean helped quite a bit too. Sanding and then painting. I was surprised at her work because she’s just not that into doing DIY jobs. Pleasantly surprised I might add.


We didn’t get them all done Friday. Just the two but my hardworking man took the time Saturday afternoon to finish the other two. He sanded and him and Dexter finished painting them. After they were all done drying we took and sprayed them with a few layers of polyurethane to keep them protected. After all, it was a lot of hard work.



Aren’t they just gorgeous! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them:) Hubby commented that it was weird when you think about it that we have all those colors in our house! We do too:) We didn’t have to buy one thing to completely redo these chairs! That of course is the best part!
OH, and my dear sis is going to make me a stencil with her Circut. M/W to stencil on the seats:) That’s the name of our homeschool! I will update this post when we get it done. For now though, I couldn’t wait to share with you all:)


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7 thoughts on “DIY school room chairs makeover

  1. Fantastic!! The chairs look amazing, and neat you didn’t have to spend $$$ on them!
    Here from the Hop.

  2. Those seriously look fantastic! All you need is a little vision (which I usually lack =) Great job! Thanks for linking to Trivium Tuesdays!

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