Do You Lie to Yourself

Do you lie to yourself and believe it? I ask you this not in a vain way. I do it all the time! I believe sometimes I am failing as a mother. I must be doing something wrong if my kids act up in public. I should’ve taught them better. Right?!?! Can I get an AMEN? We as mothers tend to do this a ton! I’m speaking for me and for you. Mommy guilt can creep in like a slow fog and get our focus wayyyy off!
Happiness is a state on the inside. Mommy guilt can reach way down in and pull hearts strings we didn’t even know we had and make us almost crazy. But, happiness can be right there and all we have to do is reach in and pull it out. Sure, our circumstances may not be happy, our life(at the moment) might not be happy. The mess our little ones created might not make us happy but happiness is a state of the heart remember. We can be happy knowing we know as AWESOME father and redeemer and friend. We can be happy knowing God is always with us. No matter what we face He is right there. Remember the sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5?
BLESSED are the : poor in spirit, hungry, mourning, meek, the ones persecuted! We are BLESSED no matter what this life and earth and world throw at us! Walk in that today. Stop telling yourself a lie that the world wants you to believe and walk in your blessing. Walk with Jesus and tell him your troubles. Walk knowing that what your living through, good or bad, will somehow give God glory. Stop lying to yourself and be BLESSED.



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