Weekly memory verse week 14

Totally got distracted helping my wonderful sis move yesterday and forgot to post our memory verse! Please forgive and enjoy this weeks verse:)

Proverbs 20:12

Ears that hear and eyes that see, the Lord has made them both.

This weeks verse comes to you via my wonderful husband. Yes, I am actually blogging this but these are his words.

We should read this as a reminder so that we are quick to listen. But also God is hearing and seeing what we see. What are you putting into both of those things? Are we listening to uplifting music? Are we watching appropriate shows on tv? Are we allowing the enemy to win the battle against what we watch and see? What about the way we talk? Do we lift up our brothers and sisters or are we slanderers? This verse is just a reminder of what we should be putting into our eyes and ears.
This also states that the LORD MADE THEM BOTH. We should also be still and hear from God. We should see people the way God sees them. We should love them the way God loves them.

I hope this weeks verse connects with someone who needs it. I hope we all learn something from this verse this week. If any of our weekly memory verses have touched you, won’t you comment below and tell us what it is God is doing in your life?


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