The Dude

The Dude Man was is need of a haircut. We like to keep him “high and tight” as my husband says. Dad has cut his hair for nearly a year now and it always turns out good. This past hair cut was something to watch though. The Dude was so tired.


He could barely keep his eyes open. I guess maybe it was the lulling of the clippers, or that he’d played and ran outside all day. Not sure which but it made for an interesting hair cut. He kept falling asleep and Dad had to hold his head up to keep him from falling over:) It’s was the cutest thing.


Only once did he wince while getting his hair done and that was when the clippers touched his ear. He never even opened his eyes just said, ” Daddy, that hurt!” Then proceeded to dose again. It didn’t cut his ear, just touched it but I guess when you’re asleep and some crazy buzzer hits your ear it hurts:0)


As soon as dad was done, he dusted him off and The Dude happily napped on the couch for a bit. Good times! Good memories!



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