Amish Friendship Bread

My good friend was telling me about this bread that you sit on your counter for ten days and then squish and squeeze and then it turns out SO yummy. I had to find out what on earth she was talking about and this is what I found. 10 Day Amish Friendship Bread

After reading this, I thought I should try it:) Here goes. I made the initial starter and waited and waited and squished and squeezed for the allotted time. It was super easy, although I might of squished and squeezed too much because my bag had holes in it about day 5 so I put it in a different baggie.

On day 10 I was SUPER excited to do some baking:) Here’s what it all turned out like!

My starter bag before proceeding with day 10 instructions

This batch is the chocolate bread.

One person only has so many loaf pans:) I made muffins with the extra chocolate bread mix. The other two loaves are banana bread! My fav!


The final products! YUMMY!

I will say that although the bread was delish, the cinnamon in the chocolate was a bit strong. I loved the banana bread, and somehow never made the actual friendship bread original recipe. OOPS! I did bag up the rest to give away but it’s still sitting in the cabinet……6 days later:(

I definitely will try this again! Maybe next time I’ll give some away!





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