School starts next week……EEEKKKKKK!

We need to start school next week but I’m not prepared. The thing is, if I wait until I’m prepared, we will never start…..

We have schooled some all summer long, but It’s time to get back into things and take the plunge into full school days and life learning. I’ve been very lax the past couple of months and now I need to get my head out of “summer” and get back into the swing of things. I’m just not prepared! I think maybe today I’ll research what we will learn the first month or two, and get things together. I guess maybe I shouldn’t be blogging….. I should be working…… See you all soon with an update to how it’s all going:)




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3 thoughts on “School starts next week……EEEKKKKKK!

  1. I know, I can hardly believe that it’s nearly August! I’ve got to get myself organized too =) Thanks for linking up with Triviurm Tuesdays today!

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