Weekly Memory Verse Week 11

they shall be ashamed who are wantonly treacherous./em>
Psalm 25:3 ESV (part 2)

We had quite a few laughs last week memorizing part one of this scripture. The kids kept getting shall and in and to all mixed up. It was funny to hear them tell me scripture that was no where close to making sense. I’d ask, “Does that make sense to you?” They’d just laugh and say no, then try again. They all got it by the end of the week and that’s all that’s mattered. We are practicing tying it all together with verses 1 and 2 as well. I’d like to still know Psalms 1 when we get to the last verse ya know;) Enjoy this weeks scripture and if you’re following along with us, don’t forget to remind yourself of Psalms 1and 2 as well. The goal is to memorize this who Psalm.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Memory Verse Week 11

  1. Love hearing about families in the Word and memorizing together, so encouraging. I’d love for you share a post in my blog hop – the Bible is book that seems to get skipped often… any thursday you want to join would be great!


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