Summer Homeschooling

It’s our 1st official year schooling year round. WEMom, needs A LOT of breaks during the year so it’s just easier to school year round to make sure we just continue learning and reaching our goals. Now, we don’t use any fancy curriculum, it’s just not needed. I use a ton of free resources from the internet, the library, and good ole’ free stuff other people give me. I have stuff coming out the wazoo! We are also a bit of “unschoolers”. I think of us as intentional unschoolers. I like to allow the kids to choose what they want to learn about. They retain it better and are so much more into it. Wild Bill wanted to learn multiplication and division in the beginning of the year. I gave her direction & resources and she learned it on her own. I was there to lead and guide her and answer any questions but she learned it on her own. Princess loves to make posters of different things. She uses books like the Usborne Encyclopedia and makes diagrams of the universe, volcanoes, and earthquakes. Again, I guide and direct her but she studies it out on her own. They learn! They learn a lot, and not by sitting down at there desks and doing worksheets all day.

Wild Bill at the pet shop with an albino rat after we researched them.

In the summer we typically do 2 pages of math, three times each bible verse for copy-work and penmanship, 30 minutes of morning reading, something in a science workbook of their choice, and some sort of language arts. It usually takes them no more than 90 minutes to complete and then they are free to do anything but electronics. We have a very strict no electronics except music until 8p.m. rule. They play outside. Build little houses out of cardboard and scrap material. Play with play dough. Read. Make crafts. And just play and enjoy each other. Sometimes we do crazy science experiments like smacking a pan with water and cornstarch. Make bouncy balls and so forth.

Magic Bean making cards.

We keep busy and keep learning all summer long. They don’t even mind doing their “school work” since it takes so little time:)

What have you been up to all summer? Do you school are year long? Do you take a break? What fills your time? Comment and share! I’d love to hear how you do in the summer time!


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3 thoughts on “Summer Homeschooling

  1. Oh, this brings back memories! We were nearly always doing some sort of schoolwork year round when I was a kid (homeschooled until college!), I don’t think we ever appreciated it as much as we should have. My Mom had the right idea…you simply can’t take a three month break from school and expect kids to remember everything they learned in the last year. Doing school continuously with short breaks every once in a while is the most efficient way…that doesn’t mean that we kids were never a bit rebellious about it! 🙂

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