Weekly Memory Verse Week 10

Indeed, none who wait for you shall be put to shame
Psalm 25:3 ESV(1st part)

YEAH, I made it 10 weeks on the weekly memory verse! That’s a big feat if you know me. I start a lot of things and don’t finish hardly anything;) This is something my family has been doing together and we love it. I’ve painted an outside cabinet door with whiteboard paint and we write it up there for the week so we see it every time we go into the kitchen. I also send a notecard with my husband to keep in his truck since he does a lot of running for work. It’s easy for him to read and memorize that way.

With that being said, have you noticed a pattern the last few weeks? Yep, we are officially memorizing Psalm 25. I love the Psalms! Such encouragement comes from them. How much grief and pain David went through, yet, he never wavered from God. He never turned his back. He never stopped praising Him. I want to be like that. I want to cease complaining and grumbling and telling the Lord how much I trust and know He will get me through. I hope you enjoy this weeks verse and know….. None will be put to shame who wait for the Lord!



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