Working Weekend

This weekend was quite busy for our little big family. It seemed like we got a lot done around the house. I have been working on the school room. My nemesis! That thing never stays clean but with switching Dexter into her own room, the old schoolroom, and using the extra room attached to the lil’ girls room for the new schoolroom it gave me a chance to do some much needed purging. Then I got to looking around at it and the room needed some TLC. I started by buying another gutter to put up as a shelf for the girls’ IN USE books. I couldn’t just hang those nice gutters on an old, beat up, needed painted a few years ago wall, so I had to paint it. I’m all about FREE or nearly FREE stuff. With that said, my lovely sister had some leftover paint from her girls’ room so I snagged it the last time I was at her house and started with that.


The finished product.

The wall is small, next to the door in the corner and a window on the other side. YES, I made a line and will finish painting the other part of the wall in the near future. For now though, I needed to get this part painted in order to put up the shelves.

TaDa! Gutter shelves. Cost= $5.83 at Lowes for a 10′ section cut into 4 pcs. Screw were around to hang it:)

After I got this done, I looked at the next wall and decided it needed freshening up too.


IT WAS BAD. I’m pretty sure it’s the only wall in the house that hasn’t beed painted. If you know me then you know I paint like A LOT. My bathroom has been 7 different colors and the living room and kitchen have been like 6. We’ve only lived here for almost 6 years so that’s a lot of painting!!!!!

I went with some blue paint I found on top of the hall cabinets. After searching and asking around, I still have no idea where this paint came from. It was a full gallon so maybe I bought it on the OOPS rack for cheap or something but this blue is no where in my house and I’m still at a loss to know where it came from. Doesn’t matter I guess it looks great next to the pink:)


It was still drying so I took a smaller photo to get the real color in the shot!

Since I spray painted two of the gutters purple, free to me spray paint, I needed something purple on the blue wall. I decided to spray paint a bookshelf my genius man made from scrap wood at his work. I started by priming it with an off white color I had in the garage.


this was after one coat of priming.

I finished painting it lilac purple after the primer was dry. Yippee! A pretty bookshelf for the school room.

this photo does it no justice since the lighting was off and I was using the Ipod to take it but it’s the same purple as the gutter shelves.
Now if I could do something with the rest of this room:




7 thoughts on “Working Weekend

  1. My school room needs some freshening up too. I love the gutter shelves you hung up — they look great against the new pink color. (Visiting via Wicked Awesome Wednesday)

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