Weekly memory verse week 9

In you, Lord my God, I put my trust.
Psalm 25:1

This is one of the easiest verses to memorize and also one that we can recite back to God. This has been hard lately. You’ve read my post eating the bread of idleness? I can be hard on myself but truthful at the same time. I’ve been in a rut and putting my trust in the Lord is not something I’ve done great lately. I need this verse to remind me where my trust goes. It’s not in this world or worldly things. It’s not in my husband, though a godly man, he will fail me. It’s not in my children who are less than perfect. It’s not in crafts, shopping, or any of the like. My trust is in God. The creator of the universe. The alpha and omega, beginning and end. The one who guides my steps daily. The one who provides for me and my household. The one who gives each and every breath in my lungs. I pray you get a revelation of this verse this week as we memorize it together.



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