They went to camp

The lil’ girls went to camp this week. I had this grand idea that life would just kind of stop and I would have all this time to get a TON of stuff done around the house. I did still have two kiddos at home, a husband, and the dog and fish to take care of. What was I thinking. I will say the pace was definitely different, and the house stayed a bit cleaner, but I still messed up with the laundry. I’m sure you saw that in my last post! While the girls were away I did accomplish some tasks that needed done. I switched Dexter to the school room so she would have her own room and made her room the school room. It’s kind of confusing but the last bedroom in the house has an extra room attached so the three lil’ girls share that room and Dexter had the other room. There isn’t much privacy there since you have to go through her room to get to the other room and she still had to share the closet and their dressers were in there too. She’s so happy to have her own space and we were happy to give it to her. I also got the garage cleaned out. The grocery shopping done. Babysat a friends son for the day. Took Dexter and my niece to the mall to get them a manicure. Made a trip to Lowes to pick up a gutter to make more shelves. Yes a book shelf out of gutters! It’s genius and saves a ton of space, and for $6 for a 10 ft piece It’s super inexpensive too. I manages to water the garden everyday. That’s impressive if you know me:) Cleaned out my dresser and closet, as well as Dudes’ room. Overall, I think I stayed pretty busy. Still, I didn’t get some painting done or through the lil’ girls dressers but that’s ok. If you knew what the school room and the lil’ girls room looked like, you’d know how hard I worked to get it done!

So today the girls come home. They left Sunday afternoon and by Tuesday I was ready for them. Now I know how they felt when I left for Wyoming for 5 days. It’s too quiet here without them. This is the first time they have been away for this long. Even Dexter said, ” It’s weird, I’ve been away, but they’ve never been away, and it’s just weird.” Yes it has been. I’m so ready for them to be home. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be the first there to pick them up today!

The girls before I left them at camp on Sunday. They were so excited to go!

Wild Bill after she fixed up her bed

Magic Bean on her bed

Princess with Beary ready for camp

I can’t wait to get them home and hear of all there adventures. I’m sure there’s lots of stories to tell momma!


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