I messed up yet again

I woke up to, “Tiff, I have no clean work clothes!” Huh? What? How can that be? There’s barely a load of clothes that need to be washed. I’ve kept up pretty well this week with laundry with the lil’ girls at camp and all. How on earth could I have missed to wash my husbands work clothes this week? I jump out of bed straight away and start looking in the closet and the dresser. NOPE! No work clothes there. I take off down the hall to the dryer, all the while hearing my dear husband rant. I open the dryer. NOPE! Not there either. I continue down the hall to the linen closet where the dirty laundry is kept. Inside is a partial basket and two pairs of work jeans caked with dirt and grease. YEP! There they sit. The only two pair of work pants he wears and a couple of shirts. How did I miss that last night? I look some more and see that there are 3 more shirts in the wash that I forgot to switch over. Oh my! I’m really slacking now. We find a pair of pants in the closet he used to wear but are missing the button and a shirt that someone has dried that looks like a tube top. He starts to stretch out the shirt while I try to attach a button I bought two weeks ago to put on them. It epically fails and in distress he throws them on with a belt and takes an extra button to try to put on them at work. I feel terrible! With 3 of the 5 children away from home, how have I missed the opportunity to get all the clothes clean?!?! Well, I am human. I’m not perfect. I’ve been switching rooms around all week. I’ve slacked. Plain and simple, I MESSED UP! Now, my poor husband had to start the day off on a rotten note. I hate that. And to top it all off I didn’t make him a lunch last night so he’s going to work knowing he’ll have to eventually make time to get something to eat. His work has been slammed the past few weeks and I’ve tried to take good care of him just to ease a little of his tiredness. But this morning, I’ve failed him. No, it’s not THAT big of a deal but it still feels sucky. I feel bad for the stress I have caused in his day. The bible says we are to care for our husbands. Meet there needs, but I didn’t do that. I can be sure this isn’t the last time I’ll screw up. I’m sure I’ll do it again but right now I just feel terrible. I know he’ll forgive me and get over it but in the mean time I’ll waller in my self pity for being a “bad” homekeeper and go get to that laundry:)


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