What we’re up to today

This morning I hear an awful cry for momma to come to the swing in the back yard. It’s the Princess & Magic Bean along with my two nieces hovering over a a baby bird that can’t fly. Something must of broke it’s wing. Poor thing! Now, here’s the dilemma, what am I supposed to do with it? I think for a second then grab it up and find an empty box to put it in.

The girls all decide that it needs some twigs, leaves, and some bread to eat. This poor dying bird is living the high life in its final moments. I’m sure that sooner than later I will be comforting said kiddos on the loss of there now “pet” bird. It’s a good feeling though that they are being so caring. I must be doing something right for them to be so compassionate. I hope that this is the last bird incident for the summer but I’m guessing not since this is actually bird number two that’s been found hurt and not flying in the back yard!



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