It’s a sad, sad day

This morning marks the 4th day my kitty has been missing. She is not just missing. She is gone. I know this because in just a few weeks she would of celebrated her 20th birthday. She’s been hanging on a limb for about a year now. She has lost weight, had a hard time seeing, and can barely hear. She was last seen Sunday afternoon under the neighbors shade tree (one of her favorite places to lounge). She waited for us to get back from a weekend camping and say our goodbyes or hellos, then she went off and hasn’t been seen since. I’m sad. My heart breaks for the loss.

I picked out Winnie from a mans garage when I was 12 years old. We couldn’t take just one FREE kitten, that would’ve left the brother alone, so we took them both. Winnie and Pooh! They were so funny and barely weened at the time, so they would suck on your shirt or your neck while you were sleeping. Pooh had some kind of seizure around 3 years old and left one day and was never seen again. Winnie on the other hand has been around the whole time. She has been quite spoiled too. Always slept right at the top of my pillow, ate wet can food, drank from the running tap water. She was a good cat. She has slept with each and every one of my babies and protected them at night. I will truly miss my kitty. My kids will miss her too. They all loved Winnie. She has been a part of our family for so long it will seem weird living without her. I know she is in a better place now. She has lived a long, full life, and I’m thankful we had that time with her. Rest in peace Winnie. You will be missed!



One thought on “It’s a sad, sad day

  1. Oh friend, that is so hard. We had a cat JUST LIKE THAT. Named Espresso. He was born without a tail and we loved him. He died from liver failer and the next day we got news that we were getting a new apartment but could not have pets. It was very bittersweet.

    Blessings friend. I will be praying !

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