I am NOT a rancher!!!!


This is where I am. Whispering Pines Ranch in Hulett, Wyoming. It’s amazingly beautiful here. This is definitely a place where you get to see Gods beauty and creativity. I have had such an awesome time so far 4 wheeling, visiting sheep, cows, horses, and Lucy the goat, walking and talking with my bestie. God has blessed me so far. I’ve face timed my kids and hubby a few times. I don’t think I’d be as calm here if I hadn’t. Face time is a blessing!

I’ve had some interesting encounters as well. Like, say, THE RATTLE SNAKE!!!!! I about completely lost it. By the way, no asking anyone here about that because to them, I did completely loose it:) I jumped up and down on the 4-wheeler screaming and yelling. Then my very good friends husband shot it. Thank you Matt!!!!! I’m pretty sure it was big enough to swallow the dog whole but then again that might be a bit of a stretch from the truth. Not long after that encounter, we we’re working sheep down to the bottom of the ranch and I saw another snake! NO MORE SNAKES PLEASE….. I’ve had my fair share for the year:)
Then there’s the pooh….. it’s everywhere here. I know! I know! What should I expect? I’m on a ranch? I’ve done a fairly good job of staying out of the pooh,Until tonight. I was chasing a baby lamb that still needed it’s tail clipped, I ran, slipped and well, fell in pooh!

This was the turning point for me. I’m gonna tell you all a secret….. I AM NOT A RANCHER! Yep, I’m a city girl. I do love it here but falling in pooh was not exactly my cup of tea. I’ve tried so hard to stay out of it. Oh well, what’s a girl to do? Besides go shower and wash my clothes 😉


No more running after lambs for this city girl. I think I’ll stick with letting the pros handle it! All is not a loss though, I did finally catch a lamb.


Tiffany & Tiffany


2 thoughts on “I am NOT a rancher!!!!

  1. Well, I hope you enjoyed your time in Wyoming. It’s true, where animals are raised, pooh is abundant! I have raised sheep, goats, cattle, horses, pigs (pigs win the pooh contest hands down) and I still think little lambs are thee cutest – so hard to dock those tails!

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