I’m going to Wyoming

It’s been 17 years since I’ve flown on an airplane. The experience then has had me scared to fly since. The pounding headache, and nausea was atrocious. It was quite horrible. In two days time I will be flying to Wyoming to stay with my best friend on her families ranch. I’m scared and excited all at the same time. I keep praying God takes the nervousness and gives me peace. I pray for safety and His guardian angels to be with me. I pray my family at home stays well while I’m gone. You see, I have been a mother since I was a child. 17 years old to be exact. I got married at 21, and have had 4 more children since. I’ve never been away from my kids for more than a day or two, and even then I was only a few minutes away. If I wanted or needed I could just get to them in 30 minutes. This time though, I will be more than 1,000 miles away and that makes me nervous. I’ve never been anywhere ALONE. NOPE! NEVER! That scares me as well. I feel like a kid right now, just going out alone in the world for the first time. I’m more than confident that my husband will be just fine at home and so will the kids BUT 5 days of no momma is a long time. My kids are with me all the time! Not just when I go somewhere but at home too. I joke with them all the time that if we had a mansion it wouldn’t matter. They would all still be in the same room as mom anyways! We could literally make due with a two room house! I would like any pray warriors that read this blog to pray for me. Pray for safety, peace, and a good flying experience. Pray for my time at the ranch. Pray for my husband that will take on my job and his. Pray for the kids to not miss me TOO much. Pray for health for all of us. And then thank God for the opportunity I have to visit my dear friend, and my husband has to spend some good time with the kids alone. I thank all of you in advance! I know I will feel the peace of those prayers!



My best friend Tiffany with her lovely lambs 🙂

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