HSV garden challenge & link up


This is the first year I’ve ever tried my hand at a vegetable garden. I don’t really consider planting flowers in the front boxes gardening but I guess some could. This year as part of our homeschool, we decided we would grow some vegetables though. We started with seed packs and a greenhouse tray. Not ever growing vegetables and trying my hand at a variety we planted 24 pods with carrots, green beans, cucumbers, watermelons, and lettuce. Not thinking about how things would mature and harvest at the same time, I seeded 12 watermelons! You can insert a laugh at me here:) because who needs 12 watermelons!!!!!
That was just the half of the funny part. The other is about 3 – 4 weeks after planting them it was time to transplant them into the garden. My husband tilled up and made me a raised bed of 8 x 5 foot. He hauled in a truck load of “good” dirt as well. Well, with spacing requirements, we only got to plant about 1/4 of the tray. I had already planted 6 onion bulbs, and bought 3 tomato plants, and 4 strawberry plants. Needless to say, we ran out of room. So I took some plants to a friends and well, the rest just got wasted 😦 I planted a little early in the season as well and we had some frosty nights, so I’d cover and uncover the garden daily. Except once, I forgot to uncover it and the next day it was 70 something degrees out. Apparently not good for plants to be covered. Some of the plants died. Then we left the dog in the back yard one day while we were out and about. No biggie right? WRONG-O!!!!! Ruger apparently doesn’t like to be left outside alone. He is usually crated when we go out but the weather was nice and we recently securely fenced the back yard so it seemed like a good idea. He ate and/or dug up everything but one lone tomato plant! All that hard work for nothing. Never fear. We bought and replanted strawberries, tomatoes, and cucumber. I have lettuce growing in the greenhouse pods as well. I’m hoping to get a little chicken wire to put around the garden box to keep the dog out, but for now we are not leaving him alone back there. Here is the not so finished, finished project. I hope you enjoy! And don’t forget, click on the button above to read about others gardens as well.

Happy Gardening,




6 thoughts on “HSV garden challenge & link up

  1. Oh no! You have not had good luck at all! The first year we gardened (3 seasons ago) we lost almost everything to mice and rabbits! Stopping in from the HSV Garden Challenge

  2. Hi Tiffany! I saw your post on the HSV Garden Challenge and the title captured me. I have struggled this year with a new puppy un-doing all my gardening work. And I’ve been gardening for a lot longer and should know how to deal with this situation. But alas, I really don’t want to fence in the garden. I just want someone to train that puppy. Grrr.

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