Weekend revelation

What a great weekend! We spent the weekend together with family and friends and it was jam packed with fellowship and good eats! You know, with a family OUR size, we don’t get invited in much. Or maybe it’s that we’re “weird”. I don’t know but mostly just my sis or mom will invite us to stuff. It’s ok, we’re used to it, so don’t go getting all smooshy on me and send me an invite to your next event 😉 LOL. This weekend was a bit different and I’m so grateful for the time I got to spend with friends and family. Saturday night we had a nice time at my sisters house. The kids played ball with paps and ran around, her husband grilled, she made some inside food, and the older kids made snow-cones for everyone. Overall the conversation was great, and we had no real “incidents” with the kiddos. On the way home that night, as the kids were singing acupella praise songs, I sat in pure joy of the family God has chosen for me! I thought of all the times I’ve taken for granted there tender love and there presence. I quietly said a prayer of thanksgiving for them and asked God to give me a new love for them. All of them, husband, sister, mother, brother, father. I know He is willing and more than able to!

On Sunday we had a cook out at my very good friends house. We went and let the kids swim in her pool and the adults talked and listened to music. It was great to be able to kick back and just relax in great company. They have 5 kids as well, so my crew doesn’t seem so massive to her. We just kicked back and enjoyed the fellowship. Hubby got to play a few rounds of corn hole and I got to sit under a nice big shade tree and converse with my lovely friend. It’s so nice to be able to sit and relax and not have things so rushed and planned. I quite enjoyed myself. We left there to go to Aunt Valerie’s house. My husband, who had lost touch with his family for about 15 years, recently reunited himself with family. Aunt Val was one of those people. She warmly welcomed us into her home and treated the kids like they were her own. It’s great to see that some people are just good! Good in nature, good hearted, all around good. I basked under the patio umbrella as everyone swam and splashed and played. She treated my family as her family and that’s something to be noticed. Have you ever went somewhere and felt uncomfortable because the way you or your children are being treated? Like your somehow not as important or special? I have and at Val’s house, it’s completely the opposite. She had more love and joy pouring out of her than I’ve seen in a long time. It got me thinking though. Do I love people like that? That kind of love that just radiates off of her? Do I make people feel loved? I can tell you that on a milk is spilled for the millionth time, tattle telling, dog got mud on the floor kind of day, probably not. But why? Does God tell us to love only when things are going great? Only when we can have company and put on our happy faces and hid the dirt in our lives under the rug? I don’t think so! So then why is it so hard for us? Why can’t we seem to look at the spilled milk as God being poured out for us? Why can’t we see that tattle telling is a way for me to teach my kids love and kindness for one another? Why can’t we look at the muddy paw prints just like Jesus looked at our sin? He just washed it away graciously. Satan! That’s why! He has come to steal, kill, and destroy. Steal our joy. Kill our kindness or futile attempts at it. Destroy our family. I am not going to let that happen. I can’t. My hope is in the Lord. So the next time the milk gets spilled, and believe me I can probably predict the time today in which that will happen, I will look at the mess differently. I will stop and thank God for pouring himself out for me. I will thank my child for giving me that visual. I will clean up the mess with a glad heart and a right mind. And, who knows, maybe the spilled milk was a way for God to show me all of this. Maybe after today I will never have to clean up spilled milk again. Or maybe I’m wishfully thinking 😉

Blessings to you!


3 thoughts on “Weekend revelation

  1. Do I radiate love, do people in my world feel the love washing over them?
    Ooh, there is a great question!
    I am going to keep that in mind as I move through my days. Thanks so much for the convicting thought!

  2. I love that you can ‘predict the time the milk will get spilled.’ Too true. Except in my family it’s predict when the bubble solution will get spilled!

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