family matters

It’s so good to be able to NOT feel alone. I recently read a blog post about a women who believed a lie for a good many years on having babies. I too have believed that lie along with millions of other women in this nation and beyond. The lie that you CAN have too many children. The lie that a said number is enough. The lie that children are a burden, a hindrance. Then one day, your eyes are opened to the truth in Gods word. Children are a heritage of the Lord, offspring a REWARD from himPsalm 127:3 Notice it says a REWARD! When was the last time someone, maybe even you, looked at children as a reward? It took me a good number of years to see that. Now with 5 kids of my own, a grown stepdaughter, and a heart to have as many children as God wants I see them that way. I’m not perfect. I have and currently am using birth-control. I long to get rid of this IUD. I long to have more children. I long to walk in the blessing. I long to walk in Gods will. It is Gods will for us to trust him with our family size. It is Gods will for us to trust him to provide for said family size. It is Gods will for us! I believe it in my heart. I believe it with everything I am. Do you? Won’t you, if your still believing that lie, search out what Gods word says about children? What Gods word says is a blessing to a woman? What Gods will is for your life? Comment below and let me know what it is that God has opened your eyes to. Lets encourage and lift up one another! Blessings:)

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