weekly memory verse week 7

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve sent out some scripture to memorize. I think it’s high time we get back into Gods word and learn from it. Here is the scripture we will be learning this week. I hope you enjoy digging in.

The living, the living- they praise you, as I am doing today; parents tell their children about your faithfulness.
Isaiah 38:19

It’s hard on days when the bills need paid and there isn’t enough funds. The car breaks down, yet again. The laundry is piled up. The dishes need done in order to cook dinner. The …… fill in the blank just happens. In that moment are you praising God? I’m GUILTY! I don’t! Not always anyways! I try to see the bright side. I try to look at life as glass half full, but honestly I fail more times than not. This week I propose to you and to my own family that in those times, and you know better than I what your times are, I will praise God. I will praise him for the temper tantrum, it’s a way to grow my patience. I will praise him for the piled high dishes, it means I was doing something else meaningful. I will praise him for HIS provision for my family, whether it’s big or small this week, as it teaches me to trust Him more. I will praise him! Will you? Comment below and let all of us know what you are praising God for!


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