Dating My Husband

The sun is setting. It’s rays shine through the cracks of the neighbors trees illuminating the porch. Two cups of steamy fresh coffee decorate the rail. The chairs there are white with blue vinyl. In them you find two people. A man and a woman longing to find tranquility, longing for just a moment of peace in such a hostile world, longing for stillness. Here, is where you’ll find my husband and myself most evenings directly after dinner. It’s our date time.

If you would’ve told me 10 years ago when I said I do that I would need to prioritize and “schedule” quiet time with my man I would’ve laughed at you. Oh, how I’ve learned! Oh, how I’ve grown! Time gets away from you. You have to be here and there at certain times. You have XYZ to still get done. You have every excuse to not take time for each other. Do you use them? I don’t. I long for the after dinner date I have most days. It’s a time for us to catch up from the days events or just chat about the happenings of the world. It’s a time to share our hearts with each other. To share our fears, or ambitions, our dreams. It’s a time to reflect on what God has done for us and what he is still doing. It’s a time to just be in each others presence. It’s not a fancy dinner, or a 5 star show, or dancing the night away, but it’s our time. It’s time we will never get back. It’s our time to set an example for our kids on what marriage looks like. What making sacrifices look like. Sure, I could fill my evenings with endless to-do lists and tasks that need to be done but I don’t. I fill that 20 minutes or so sowing into my marriage. Dating my husband is one of the single most important things I can do for our marriage. When the kids are gown(*SIGH*) and there are no more spills to clean, laundry and schoolwork to catch up on, or fights to step in between it’s me and him. I don’t want to get to that place only to find out I don’t know the man here with me. I thank God for this time He has allowed us to have in the evenings. I hope by taking time for my husband and him for me it somehow honors God in our marriage.

Do you date your man? How and when? Leave a comment in the section below. I’d love to see how others take time for their marriages.
















9 thoughts on “Dating My Husband

  1. My husband and I have a weekly “date night.” Sometimes my mom will watch the kiddos for a couple of hours, but sometimes we’ll just have a special desert or quiet time after they go to bed. I agree it is so important to make time for couple time!

  2. Yes, my husband and I date as well. We normally go out once a week, but if we cannot find someone to watch the kids we have a date when they go to bed. Maybe sneak some ice cream or other yummy snacks in the house. Our kids normally find the wrapper in t he morning, with a “MOM! Why did you eat Twix last night?” We look forward to it. It is not normal where we live, so people look at us strangely when we hold hands and go to a restaurant without the kids. I love dating my husband!
    Alison Wood

  3. I enjoyed reading your blog post. I recently have started to take small steps to spend more time with my husband. We have two young kids and after the kids are fed, bathed and in bed I have homework to do. Most times hmy husband ends up downstairs watching tv and I am upstairs with my homework. So I thought I could start off by having “date nights” every Wednesday evening when the kids are in bed. Watching a movie or just talking and spending quality time together. I thought it would be a good start!

    • that is a GREAT start! It’s not about what you do, it’s about spending time interested in each other:) I love spending time with my husband! Recently we started reading the bible to each other during our “coffee time” ! It’s so wonderful!

  4. My husband and I go out for breakfast twice a week. One is a very inexpensive fast food breakfast and the other a sit down breakfast on Saturday morning. We find that it is a time we can really talk while lingering over our coffee. We are empty nesters but it still must be intentional because there is always so much that we need to get done everyday.

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