Repurposed jeans

” Mom, I think we should start wearing longer skirts and dresses.” These were the sweet words Dexter says to me after noticing that most girls her age are wearing daisy dukes and low cut tops. We’ve always tried to teach the girls modesty. No short shorts, no bikinis, no low cut tops. But when your child finally gets what modesty is all about, that it’s more than clothes, that it’s more than being or dressing appropriate, it tends to touch your heart. You see, for us, modesty is about keeping yourself pure. Pure for there husbands(eventually). Pure for God. Pure for themselves. I try my hardest to the best of my ability to be an example to my girls especially. So imagine my delight when those words came out of her mouth!
Below you’ll find a little pictorial of how I turned a pair of jeans(free to me) into a cute skirt for the Princess! As soon as I was done and she modeled it for all to see, Dexter brings me a pair of jeans and says “mom, will you do mine next?” YES! Why yes I will!


I started with a pair of jeans
Then I cut the seam out of the entire leg and crouch area
Next I put a panel of fabric inside front and back and pinned in place
Finally I sewed it down what were the legs leaving the raw edges of the jeans for character
I put a small hem in the bottom after she tried it on so i would know where it would hit her

And VIOLA! And super cute skirt that she can wear to romp in or to church!

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5 thoughts on “Repurposed jeans

    • I found a ton of tutorials for short ones but really wanted a more modest one so I just adapted it for us. All of the girls got to pick out their fabric and we just used some jeans they no longer wore. Princess is the one modeling and she wears hers all the time! Dexter wanted a more professional look so I did make straight hems down the side of hers and didn’t do as much “flare” in the fabric and it turned out really nice as well. Thank you so much for stopping by:)

  1. So cute. I used to do this when I was a teenager. Thank you for joining in the fun at the Thursday Favorite Things hop. Happy weekend wishes xo

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