Gloomy Day

I woke up to the Magic Bean screaming “MOM, where’s Sally”? In my half awake, half asleep state I said, “in her bowl”! Sally is her very new, like 3 days new, beta fish she bought with her own money. I knew where Sally was. My husband woke me up in a panic at 6 a.m. this morning to tell me that Sally was dead. Apparently the cat, you remember, the very old cat, got thirsty in the middle of the night and mistakenly knocked over Sally and her container of water all over the kitchen table. Sally must of flopped for a good 6 feet before giving up on finding water. She died next to the cabinets in the kitchen. Dad found the water on the floor, and the container dumped on the table when he got up. The cat was NOT trying to eat the fish. For the 3 days we’ve had Sally the cat keeps getting caught drinking the water. She is too blind to see that there is a fish in the water. She’s never tried to get the fish, just take sips of water. I’ve told the Magic Bean to put Sally on the shelf in the living room. I’ve told her that eventually Winnie would knock over the glass. I tried to save Sally and Magic Bean from it all. Now, as lay in bed, listening to Magic Bean talk to her daddy on the phone about what happened to Sally, I find myself thinking….. I told you what would happen. I feel bad for Sally’s fate. I feel bad for Magic Bean loosing a friend, but the blood of the fish is not on my hands.
As I wake up more and sip my Carmel Joe in my fav cup I start to wonder how many times in my life I’ve been like Sally. Being knocked over by the enemy of this world, flopping, thirsting, struggling to find water. How many times has my God saved me by plucking me up and putting me back in my bowl? I know He warned me. I know His word told me of the attack to come but yet i kept swimming around like nothing was ever going to go astray. Then one day while minding my own business Satan comes along and knocks my bowl over. WOW, where did that come from?, I think! I thank God everyday for the grace and mercy he allows to come into my life. He is always Good, Faithful, Loving and Merciful to me. I thank God that I can cry out to him in times of struggle. I thank God that I can shout praises to him in the good times. I thank God for Sally and her short little stay here. He has shown me to listen and obey. I don’t want to be a Sally. I want to walk in the wisdom and grace of the Lord from now, till eternity. I want to put on my shield and armor and fight for the Lord.



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