House Rules

Home is supposed to be a place of rest and love. A place to be yourself. A place to be free without the judgement of others. Sometimes that isn’t the case though. Some times harsh words are spoken. Some times, you judge and are judged. Some times it’s so chaotic in the house you wonder when and where the rest and peace is. One thing is for certain, there should always be love.
In order to have that happy place to rest in though, there needs to be some ground rules. Here are just a few of ours that keep the hostility to a lull and the happiness at its high. Now, you won’t find these hanging on a wall or even a fridge door. They are not posted on any surface of the house. These are “rules” that we have instilled and continue to instill in each and everyone in our family. They need to be said time and again but for the most part we all have them down. So here we go:
#1 Love Jesus
#2 Love and respect everyone in the house
#3 Don’t take others things without permission
#4 Listen when your told the very 1st time
#5 Pray before each meal and at bedtime
#6 Pick up after yourself
#7 Help out when needed

Now, you may think these seem so silly or even that they are not even rules but for us this is how we try to live. It seems if we follow these simple guidelines everything else falls into place. Now we do have school work and chore charts that get done on a daily basis but we are fairly flexible. I figure if we get the core down everything else comes into line.

So, what are some of your “core” house rules? Comment and share what keeps your ship sailing:)


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