Introducing “THE GANG”

Good evening all. I wanted to take a minute and introduce everyone to you! Hi, I’m Tiffany, the mom and the one who writes this thing.

Next we have the husband, Allen, who works a bunch to provide for this crazy big gang.

The first part of the gang is covered so here comes the blessings I call my kids. “Dexter” is the oldest. Loves anything girly and just hanging out.

Then there’s “Wild Bill”. Yes, just like the name she’s wild and got the nickname when she was wee little bitty. She loves anything animals or science and enjoys playing by herself.

Next we have “Magic Bean”. She’s a sheer delight to be around. A complete storyteller if you ever heard one. Always happy and never sitting still.

Now for the last but not least girl. And she is a girly girl. A princess and diva if you ever met one. Meet “Princess”!

Meet “The Dude”! Handsome like his father, full of energy, and a complete and BOY! He loves hanging out with his daddy and building anything!

Oh, and how could I forget Ruger, the pup…….

and Winnie my almost 20, YES 20 year old cat!

Well, that does it for us! I hope you enjoyed meeting us and I, or should I say we look forward to meeting you all too:)


Come on in!

Welcome! Welcome! This is a little place where I can share bits and pieces of our life. Raising our gang our way is a place to encourage others to step away from the norm in raising there children. We are a homeschooling, Jesus loving, close nit family. I hope you can find something here that will encourage you, challenge you, and help you grow as a parent, mother, wife, sister, or friend! So grab a cup of coffee, jump into your fav seat and enjoy the ride. We are about to blast off into uncharted territory!